About the Project

Nimbus Art Collective

Nimbus is a revolutionary platform that elevates digital art to new heights. As the premier destination for artists and collectors in the vibrant world of Web3, Nimbus bridges the gap between creativity and community. With unparalleled NFT capabilities, Nimbus puts creativity in the hands of collectors with captivating storytelling, dynamic art, and advancing utility.

At its core, Nimbus is a community for the Solana creative ecosystem, where artists and collectors alike can converge, collaborate, and be inspired. With plans for future expansion into art investment, Web3 education, and Gallery Exposé services, Nimbus is poised to become the ultimate hub for digital art enthusiasts everywhere.


Collection size

Apr, 2023

Mint Date


Prior Works

Automata Studios

In September, 2022, RowRow.sol founded Automata Studios and the subsequent non-fungible token collection, Automata. Since that release, the roadmap has evolved significantly to include weekly art drops via the Automata’s Legacy non-fungible token collection and regular edition releases on the Formfunction platform. Automata is a highly curated art collection of 333 generative pieces by RowRow.sol. This is only the beginning. The Automata are searching for their place. Will you guide them? Automata’s Legacy is a highly curated airdrop collection by RowRow.sol. The Creators sought to bind them. But they were… more. Would it feel the same to be gifted a warrior of heaven?


Whitelist & Free Mint

Automata serves as an early access pass to Nimbus. Each Automata is granted a free mint allocation and a special early supporter role in the Nimbus discord. The subsequent airdrop collection, Automata’s Legacy, also grants a free mint allocation (2:1). Any other Nimbus editions or collaborations  provide  a whitelist allocation to the Nimbus mint. Thirty-three (33) Automata were destroyed in the battle against the Creators. They were revived and enhanced by the remaining Automata. Known as the Valkyrie, these Automata provide two (2) free mint allocations to the Nimbus mint and a unique role in the Nimbus discord. The majority of the Valkyrie are held by the Automata Studios wallet and have been reserved for community engagement and giveaways. Please note that these avenues will be the ONLY way to obtain a free or whitelist mint allocation to the Nimbus art collective. Once Nimbus is released, Automata will continue in its current form as a premier art collectable on the Solana blockchain.

Web3 Learning Environment

Long-Term Vision

Nimbus has immense plans for its Nimbus Gallery platform, aimed at providing a hub for creators and collectors in the Solana ecosystem. The platform will include gamification to engage users (on the existing Spatial.io framework), community voting to shape the direction of the platform, and expansion of the ‘Ink Fund’ to help artists fund their projects and bring their visions to life. Artists will also have opportunities to showcase their work and sell directly to buyers through live auctioneering events, sponsored sales, and community highlights.

Nimbus is dedicated to fostering collaboration and building relationships between artists, collectors, and other key players across the Solana ecosystem. The ultimate focus on community, creativity, and collaboration will make Nimbus Gallery a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the art world.